Our Menu

Our menu offers exciting, delicious and diverse dishes! So many great options to choose from.


Cold plate

smoked beef meat, smoked sausage, four cheeses, cream


Carpaccio beef

beef steak, arugula salad, olive oil, melon

Greek salad

Tomato, paprika, olives, feta chees, olive oil

Mix salad

seasonal vegetables

Roasted paprika

paprika, garlic, cream, olive oil

Cesar salad

Chicken filet, tomato, green salad, eggs

Tuna fish salad

tomato, tuna, onion, olive oil

Octopus salad

octopus, tomato, onion, olive oil


Begova čorba – Bey soup

chicken breasts, carrot

Fish soup

fish, carrot, onion, tomato, parsley

Pumpkin cream soup

pumpkin, onion, cream sauce, salt, pepper, vegeta

Teleća čorba

teleće meso, sezonsko povrće

Spinach cream soup

spinach, onion, garlic, olive oil, cream sauce


Chicken risotto

chicken breasts, carrot, leek, rice, parsley, parmesan cheese

Risotto with mushrooms

mushrooms, rice

Risotto with ginger

rice, ginger, carrot, nutmeg, parsley


Wild sea bass

Brown trout

Grilled shrimps

Grilled calamari

Pirates sword with four fish types

Sea bream

Salmon chops

Saint Pierre fillet

Shrimp in pineapple


Spaghetti Bolognese

minced beef, onion, carrot, parsley, salt, pepper, tomato

Tagliatelle with mushrooms

mushrooms, tomato, thyme, parsley, pepper

Penne with four cheeses

mozzarella cheese, gorgonzola cheese, brie cheese, hard cheese


Spit roasted lamb

Lamb burgers

Lamb chops


Chicken fillet

curry sauce, sesame sauce, pommes

Chicken kebab

French fries

Mocho rooster

smoked beef, smoked sausage, cream, mushrooms, cheese

Pileći ćevapi

prilog pomfrit i kajmak

Chicken kebab

with French fries and cream

Veal meat

Veal barbecued meat

with baked potato or rice

Veal rolls

smoked meat, smoked sausage, cheese, mushrooms, cream

T-Bon steak

sauce by choice, with baked potato

Veal chops

with French fries

Veal skewers

with French fries

Stuffed schnitzel

smoked meat, cheese, cream, smoked sausage, with French fries

Steak and beefs

Pepper steak

pepper sauce, barbecued vegetables

Argentinean steak

Chili sauce, barbecued vegetables


French fries, vegetables or rice

Ribeye steak

barbecued vegetables

Blue Chees Steak

light sauce, baked potato

Maredo Steak

hot sauce, maredo potato

Tagliata for 4 persons

Four sauces, baked potato

Bosnian food

Bosanski lonac (meat stew cooked over an open fire)

Four meats

Bosanski sahan

paprika, tomato, onion, grape leaves stuffed with minced beef, veal stew, okra


homemade corn flour, homemade kaymak and cheese


Veal meat, vegetables

Klepe – minced meat dumplings

dough stuffed with meat

Vegetarian food

Grilled mushrooms

Barbecued vegetables

Baked potato with cheese and cream






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